The number of businesses that are following the trend of outsourcing payroll is increasing every day. The main reason can be found in the fact that outsourcing payroll increases their business efficiency and reduces the security and data confidentiality risk present in keeping human resources records internal. You can have full confidence in Savvy Accounting to keep your data safe and in complete confidentiality.

Savvy Accounting will take care of the payroll, as a separate service or as part of all inclusive service. Our service includes employee registration and deregistration with Revenue, keeping records of employees, calculation of payroll and allowances, unpaid sick leave, annual holidays, calculations of additional incomes, preparation of payroll and bank files, submissions to Revenue and creating and e-mailing payslips.

The main goal of the payroll service is to relieve all your worries about the calculation of payroll for you or your employees, monitor legal changes and react in a timely manner, freeing up your time to deal with other aspects of your business.


We offer a range of accounting packages which we’ve bundled to make it even easier for you.


Each business has different activities, requirements and needs. At Savvy Accounting, we tailor our fees to each client individually according to the level of support and services that their business needs. We are flexible and aim that the client gets exactly what their business requires. Client satisfaction is our driving force.