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Savvy Accounting are proactive, friendly accountants based in Ireland, who have a real time relationship with clients, giving them a current view of their finances. Streamlining the accounting process, enables Savvy to be extremely competitively priced whilst fulfilling our passion to help our clients businesses thrive. 

Your Business finances made simple.

Discover our range of accounting packages designed to make running your business better and easier.

“We Care About Your Business”

Savvy accountants are approachable and enjoy being part of your business activities, expansion and growth. We like to build a real time relationships with our clients and be there when they need our support and advice. With Savvy Accounting, you can be assured that your accountants care about your business.

Managing Director, Savvy Accounting

customised to your business

Each business has different activities, requirements and needs. At Savvy Accounting, we tailor our fees to each client individually according to the level of support and services that their business needs. We are flexible and aim that the client gets exactly what their business requires. Client satisfaction is our driving force.

Our Services

The focus of our business is to help you with your daily challenges which we solve thoroughly, quickly, with precision and high quality. In addition to accounting and bookkeeping services, as well as payroll and training services, Savvy Accounting provides tax and business consulting services through the preparation of internal reports, in-depth recording of business activities and giving recommendations that can facilitate business. 



You can focus on your business.
Savvy Accounting provides accounting and bookkeeping services for solo traders, micro, small and medium businesses.


payroll services

Leave your worries to us.
Each business has their own specific challenges when it comes to payroll every week or month. This is because each of the employees is unique. In addition, the calculation of payroll in Ireland is subject to legal changes and also a security and data confidentiality risk. That is a lot of worries for you that you can leave to us today.



Save your time and save on taxes.
Every business has its own possibilities for tax optimization. By looking at your business and with our individual approach to it, we help optimize your business by linking tax and accounting regulations.
At any time, we will advise you how to choose the right path for growth and development and free up your time so that you can deal with more important things than reading the law and regulations.


"I replaced my bookkeeper and accountant with Savvy, and Savvy look after all my business finances now. Not only did I save money in doing this, but I’ve also lost the stressful part of my business."


"Savvy taught me to do my own payroll. I never thought I would be able to be so hands on with my business finances. Super service from Savvy, thank you so much!!!"


"Changing accountants was not an easy decision but switching to Savvy was a breath of fresh air. I should have done it years ago."



Savvy Accounting is a reliable partner. We know how important it is to meet the deadlines and our clients can rely on us to complete all of our work in time. The biggest reward for our business is the peace of mind of our clients.


The basic principle we are guided by is that quality is a must when it comes to all the services that we provide for our clients. To do that, we continuously invest in professional education of our team. We strive to be the best at what we do, and we want our clients to feel the difference.


We are at disposal to our clients and are ready to offer help, advice and support at any time. We enjoy talking to business owners and self-employed professionals who are looking to get the most out of our services. 


You can rest assured, knowing that your financial process will be taken care of by ACCA, CPA, IATI & Irish Tax Institute Certified Accountants.


Frequent changes in the laws require from us to continuously educate our employees. We are aware that only with the help of qualified accountants we can maintain high professional standards and meet clients expectations.


Our team have years of experience across a range of industries. Years of work for big companies in fast-paced environments built our skills and expertise while being exposed to different aspects of financial role made us being able to solve even the most complex financial demands.


You don’t have to worry about unforeseen changes in laws and regulations. Our team continuously monitor changes and we are here to inform you in a timely manner of any change that could have an impact on your business.


The fundamental principle of our business is to protect all of our clients data from unauthorised access. Savvy Accountants guarantee the complete disclosure of all financial data. We also guarantee the security of data by making automatic backups.


High accuracy is of great importance when dealing with business and financial data. Savvy Accountants committed themselves to high standard of work and excellence. That means that we are double checking the data to ensure that all records are correct. In addition, Savvy Accountants are experienced and can notice existing irregularities by looking only.

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